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Study Techniques: Sleep enough ...

Sleep is crucial for brain function, memory formation, and learning. 

Studying before you sleep, whether it is reviewing flashcards or notes, can help improve recall. According to Scott Cairney, a researcher from the University of York in the United Kingdom, “When you are awake you learn new things, but when you are asleep you refine them, making it easier to retrieve them and apply them correctly when you need them most. This is important for how we learn but also for how we might help retain healthy brain functions.”

When you’re asleep, the brain organises your memories. Instead of pulling an all-nighter, study a few hours before bed and then review the information in the morning.

No one wants to spend more time studying than they need to. Learning effective study techniques can ensure you are fully prepared for your exams and will help curve any looming test anxiety.

Hopefully, with the techniques the past weeks, you can avoid cramming the night before and make your study time more effective.

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Study Techniques: The SQ3R Method

The SQ3R method is a reading comprehension technique that helps students identify important facts and retain information within their textbook. SQ3R (or SQRRR) is an acronym that stands for the five steps of the reading comprehension process. Try these steps for a more efficient and effective study session:

Survey: Instead of reading the entire book, start by skimming the first chapter and taking notes on any headings, subheadings, images, or other standout features like charts.
Question: Formulate questions around the content of the chapter, such as, What is this chapter about? What do I already know about this subject?

Read: Begin reading the full chapter and look for answers to the questions you formulated.
Recite: After reading a section, summarise in your own words what you just read. Try recalling and identifying major points and answer any questions from the second step.
Review: Once you have finished the chapter, it’s important to review the material to fully understand it. Quiz yourself on the questions you created and re-read any portions you need to.

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Prayer before exam


Be with me as I take this exam.
Keep my mind alert and my memory sharp.
Calm my nerves and help me concentrate.
I know that you walk with me,
Guiding my path and inspiring my heart.
I pray that I would feel you with me,
And that your friendship would soften the pressure I feel.
I pray that I would pass this exam and go on to new things with you.
Thank you for your peace and your love in my life.
Thank you for your kindness and care for me.


(A prayer for guidance and inspiration for an upcoming exam test final)

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Last day of 2020 matrics

Thanks, Mr Swanepoel


Matrix Class of 2020

Alex Manise
To all prospective learners, we are all prospective learners for a reason. We are seen and labelled as this "strong group " by the society. Most of us have been through tough times. Majority of us as learners have suffered from something, either physical, psychological, social or even emotional. It's these societal views and expectations that actually kept us going. To know that you are strong, and to accept that our society is looking at us with hopes for the future is a blessing to us. 

I want to take this opportunity and apologise to everyone who has been through any problems this year. We shall never forget this year indeed. It is because of this lock-down that made us who we are today, without it we would've actually been weaker ... But now we aren't anymore. 

All the best to all NSC candidates. Shine like always. Our parents, teachers, families and etc are expecting a lot more from us. Let us not disappoint them. Most of all, God is expecting to see his plan work out, let's make sure it does! Let us all know where we come from in order to know where we're going. Let us all remember who we are. The children of the most high God ... And that is the only essential key to know and understand first, before we attempt to write. 

Sterkte, mense. Good luck. Okuhle kodwa. Veľa štastia 

#Matrix 2020

#NSC 2020


Friday, 23 October 2020

Our last screening before the exams

To the class of 2020

Shaun Mmutsi 
Your 12 year journey is finally complete.

I'd like to welcome you officially to the real life.

Matric has never been an easy year to anyone. But given the circumstances, I am proud of every one of you for making it this far. You are indeed the miracles that God made to taste the bitter fruit of time.

Remember ... 

The war has begun.

Put on the full armor and fight as hard as you can knowing that God is giver of your strength.

Your NSC exam is the key that can either open or lock all doors to all your desired opportunities.

Your mission is to make sure that you enter into the world out there with the right key in your hands.

As you soldier up and prepare for battle.

I pray the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and sweet fellowship of the holy spirit, to rest and abide in you all, now and forever more. 

Trials and tribulations are yet to come. If you build on your house on the right foundation, you will be unshakeable and conquer all that comes your way.

God bless you all.

[Shaun Mmutsi 23 October 2020]

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Study Techniques: Retrieval Practice

Retrieval practice is based on the concept of remembering at a later time. Recalling an answer to a question improves learning more than looking for the answer in your textbook. And, remembering and writing down the answer to a flashcard is a lot more effective than thinking you know the answer and flipping the card over early.

If you practice retrieval, you are more likely to remember the information later on. Below are some ways you can implement the retrieval process into your study routine.

Utilise practice tests: Use practice tests or questions to quiz yourself, without looking at your book or notes.

Make your own questions: Be your own teacher and create questions you think would be on a test. 

If you’re in a study group, encourage others to do the same, and trade questions.

Use flashcards: Create flashcards, but make sure to practice your retrieval technique. Instead of flipping a card over prematurely, write the answer down and then check.

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